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         Our enterprise was founded on New Year’s Day of 1985, the original name of it is Wuxian Heat-Treatment Equipment Factory, and it turns to Suzhou Industrial Park Heat-Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. in October, 2001. In 1993, it is chosen as the new high-tech enterprise of Jiangsu Province, is specialized in producing controllable atmosphere heat-treatment product lines and various smelt furnaces. It enjoys very convenient communication and has fine economic development environment as well as unique geographical advantages, for it is located in the south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, the east suburb of Suzhou City, Sino-Singapore cooperation——Suzhou Industrial Park Shengpu Branch Zone, moreover, it is the neighbour of Shanghai-Nanjing expressway and 312 National Highway, connects to Suhong Airport Road in the south and faces to Shanghai in the east as well At present, it possessed more than one hundred and thirty-six staffs, including forty-six technicians, it covers an area of 18730m2, has a fixed asset of twelve million yuan, circulating fund of nineteen point five million yuan. It holds solid economic foundation, technical power as well as rich furnace-making experiences, as a result, its annual output achieves forty million yuan. 
      In 1984, our factory successfully developed the first RCW mesh belt style heat-treatment resistance furnace automatic product line with high technical level in the nation through extensive market investigation (feed/ front cleanout/ quench or cementite/ back cleanout /temper), which filled up the blankness in state and finished the history that the reconstruction of heat-treatment equipment must be imported from oversea countries.
      On this basis, our factory made great efforts to empolder new products and introduce talents in the past ten years, and so far, we have already empoldered sixteen species of product series: 
      ● RCWC9 series has muffle mesh belt style resistance furnace (fill up national blankness /substitute excellent product of import product mechanical and electrical ministry)
      ● RCWC9 series non-muffle mesh belt style cementite resistance furnace (National-level new products of 1993/ Torch Plan of Jiangsu Province in 1997)
      ● RCL9 series casting chain-board style resistance furnace ( National-level new products of 1991)
      ● RG9 series cantilever style roller style resistance furnace (National-level new products of 1993)
      ● RM9 series box style cementite automatic product line

      ● RJT9 series push rod style resistance furnace 
      ● RCWE13 series high-temperature mesh belt style resistance furnace (new product of Jiangsu Province in 1997)
      ● RGD9 series roller style resistance furnace 
      ● RCWE8 series mesh belt style copper pipe bright anneal furnace (new product of Jiangsu Province in 2000)
      ● RCB series walk style resistance furnace 
      ● MX series mesh belt style cleaner 
      ● GX series roller style cleaner 
      ● GW series working-frequency non-core induction furnace 
      ● GW series intermediate frequency induction furnace 
      ● HX series three-phase steel-making arc furnace 
      More than two hundred breeds of various high-techn new products like oil burner furnace.
      Our group user are more than six hundred, they are found all through the nation, and deeply praised by experts and large users both from home and abroad. The 《RCW mesh belt style resistance furnace》standard drew by our factory has become industrial standard and it gained the third-class award of Ministry of Machine and Electronics Industry in 1995, RCW mesh belt style resistance furnace accounts for about 60% of the domestic market, including one set which exported to Saudi Arabia in Nov. 1998, and that was an important step striding forward the international market. 
      Since its foundation, our enterprise is one paying attention to bargain and keeping credit every year from 1987, and continuously honored AAA credit enterprise for seven years in succession since 1994, from 1992 to 1999, it was model establishment of Suzhou City, in 1997 and 1998, it gained “Model Establishment of Jiangsu Province”, as well as star enterprise of Suzhou City, advanced enterprise of provincial file, Model Establishment of Suzhou Industrial Park and so on. 
      To improve technical level of national heat-treatment industries and to reduce the differences with world, our enterprise carried out technical cooperation with Japanese Sino-foreign industrial corporation, which is the world’s famous electric furnace enterprise in 1996, and the national large “mesh belt style resistance furnace complete set” made by cooperation production are running successfully in Kunshan NSK Hongshan Bearing Co., Ltd. (two product lines) and other enterprises. And this cooperation brings in brand new idea of quality management and greatly improves device as well as making level of heat-treatment equipments made by our factory. 
      From now on, our factory will realize international development of enterprise by right of scientific and technical advancements, paying attention to high-tech development both at home and abroad, following enterprise tenet of “practice, innovation and development, industry, excellence and top”, intensifying enterprise management, speeding up scientific and technical developments, as well as holding reform in enterprise, holding market outside. We will continuously empolder new products to make greater contribution to update national heat-treatment equipments and to advance scientific and technical developments of national heat-treatment industries. 
      Philosophy: truth-seeking, truth-seeking, and development 
               entrepreneurship, excellence, a first-class 


    Tel:0512-62811397 Sales Department Tel:0512-62811354 Technology Department Tel:sr@chnsr.com Service Department Tel:0512-62811371 Fax:0512-62811257
    Suzhou Industrial Park heat treatment equipment factory Co., Ltd. @ Copyright 2016 All rights reserved Technical support:SUN

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